Frascati Wine-Organic Winery

frascati de sanctis organic vineyards

17 September, Vendemmiamo (Let's wine harvest), an evening tribute to Demetra, Goddess of Agriculture and to those who respect Mother Nature

Frascati Wine-Organic Winery

A sip of history.
On land made fertile by the legendary Lacus Regillus, where 496 years before Christ was fought a historical battle that marked the dominance of Rome on the Latin league, the De Sanctis family, with a wine making tradition since 1816, produces quality wines in a completely organic way. Where once the latins Lucius Mamilius(major of Tusculum,the former Frascati) and Tarquinius Superbus fought against the romans led by Aulus Postumius Albus and even helped by the Dioscuri Castor and Pollux, the winery De Sanctis produces many quality DOCG wines, including Frascati Superiore Abelos and Cannellino 17/11.

From a great grape to a great wine.
To get an excellent product, each part of the chain should be carefully treated. The selection of varieties, methods for organic cultivation, harvesting, and all stages of transformation. In particular, it uses a philosophy of KM 0, that is, the winery is located in the vineyard. The grapes are harvested in baskets or boxes, and travel a few meters to the cellar. Here is put on a conveyor belt that kindly the door in machines that control the fermentation process takes place with the right timing.

Starting from an high quality organic grape juice, it is easy then the next process that will transform it into a great wine. Clean and fully controlled containers, maintain the wine making process under constant control, and do not require any chemical additives. But these are words. There is only one way to verify them: Have a drink and judge yourself!

"Id vinum erit lene et suave et bono colore et bene odoratum.". From De Agri Cultura, Marcus Porcius Cato. Cato had a property and wineyard in this area, possibly very close to our location, as the street is named Via di Prata Porci, or Via di Pietra Porzia, both referring to Cato's belonging to the gens Portia.